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Blog Entry, 03.27.17 • House Of Blues/Cleveland

What a long, strange trip it's been. Just about five and a half months from our last show we finally took the stage again. This time with a new stage set, a new drummer and a new attitude. With very short notice we excitedly unloaded our Rock Out Loud show into the House of Blues here in Cleveland for the start of our tour. Every time we play a room like this we're reminded that this is one of the reasons when we feel like we've arrived. The staff at the venue is first class and every attempt is made to ensure that we're taken care of.

So setting up our new lighted KISS logo, our new "Cat" scrims, our new dummy logo cabinets and Quinton's massive chrome drum kit complete with a gong took a bit of time. Once everything was in place however, we realized that all of our hard work in creating something new and fresh while exorcising the demons from our past was well worth it. We couldn't help but stand back and look upon it with nothing but pride.

On this night we were working with Sabbatozz, a local Black Sabbath/Ozzy Osbourne tribute. Both bands were set up and ready to go by 6:30 PM and shortly thereafter the crowd began to arrive. I always like to take a walk outside and meet with our fans prior to this show. On this night the weather wasn't quite as warm as predicted so I think the fans enjoyed taking photos with me and some even grabbed some extra free tickets for the show to pass along to their friends. I like to think that our fans mean so much to us that taking a bit of time to go out and meet them is the easiest thing I'll do that day.

The opener hit the stage at 8:00 PM and ran through a killer set of Sabbath/Ozzy tracks to make the most die-hard fans a madman. At 9:30 PM it was our turn. The crowd erupted as we broke into "Detroit Rock City". Truth be told this was our first show together and with only one full practice to boot. I'll admit that everything didn't go perfectly but all things considered we couldn't have been more satisfied. There are just a few openings and endings of songs that need fine tuned and that will come with practice and getting to know one another a bit more. We added 2 new songs to our set that we were super excited about performing. Those were "Flaming Youth" and "Wouldn't You Like To Know Me" from Paul Stanley's 1978 solo album. Our thought process is this...if it's not fun for us it won't be fun for the fans and we're fans too. So gone are a few better known songs which gladly sacrificed themselves in order for us to rock out with tracks that make it fun for us as well.

In the end our first show in almost 6 months saw our new drummer kill it with a monster drum solo. Jim brought back the gore and fright with a blood solo second to none. Joe did his best to stumble and smoke his way from one side of the stage to the other. Our confetti storm showered the crowd during "Rock And Roll All Nite" and we left everyone there satisfied and wanting just a little bit more. We'll take this experience and improve upon it so that the next time we hit the stage you can bet that we'll leave nothing in the tank. What a night, what a crowd, what a treat to be in this band.



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