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MR.SPEED Exclusive! Alternate Photos Of Jim & Quinton
04.21.2017 |

As promised all of our photos are finally in. Here is one of Jim and Quinton that show them in character from our shoot. Very soon we will have brand new images here on our site of the entire band together.


MR.SPEED Exclusive! Sneak Peek Of New Band Member Photos
04.11.2017 |

Slowly but surely we're getting the results of our recent photo shoot. Here are two examples of what we will be adding to our site very soon. These are "alternate" images that we have approved for your viewing. Very soon we will have images for both Jim and Quinton.



MR.SPEED Exclusive! Mentor Prepares For MR.SPEED
04.04.2017 |

Here are 2 photos from the Mentor Rocks FB page showing construction of their brand new outdoor amphitheater.

MR.SPEED will take its Rock Out Loud Tour there and be the very first rock band to christen the stage on Tuesday, July 11 @ 8:00 PM. So mark your calendars and make plans to come out and see us as we tear the roof off of this amazing new venue.


MR.SPEED Exclusive! Additional Outtake Photos
04.02.2017 |

Here are a few more outtake photos from our recent photo shoot. These capture each of us in the moment of becoming our alter egos.

We hope to share the completed images from the shoot as soon as they become available...


MR.SPEED Exclusive! Rockin' The House Of Blues/Cleveland
03.28.2017 |

On Saturday night we opened our Rock Out Loud Tour at the House of Blues in Cleveland. Here is some of the energy captured by Jon Lichtenberg from the Cleveland Scene magazine.


MR.SPEED Exclusive! Photo Shoot Outtakes
03.26.2017 |

This morning we set ourselves up at a private location on the west side of Cleveland and spent 3 1/2 hours capturing new images of MR.SPEED 2017. Here are a few outtake images taken by members of our crew to give you an idea of what it looked like on the set.


MR.SPEED Exclusive! Rich Partners With Carlino Guitars And Straps
03.20.2017 |

MR.SPEED is proud to announce its new partnership with Carlino Guitars & Straps. Always wanting to present our band as authentically as possible Carlino Guitar Straps are now setting the standard by which all other guitar straps are being compared. In production right now is a piece that is modeled after the guitar strap used on Paul's 2006 "Live To Win" tour and it will be supporting Rich's role as "The Starchild" on MR.SPEED's upcoming Rock Out Loud tour.

Go to our "Links" page and connect with Carlino Guitars...the only guitar strap that can support the legend that is KISS.


MR.SPEED Exclusive! Sneak Peak At Our New KISS Sign
03.19.2017 |

At last the finishing touches have been added to our brand new lighted KISS logo. In late 2016 we held a meeting where Joe presented a concept and desire to create our new lighted KISS logo sign. Over the years we have kicked around the idea of using a design that was more "old school" and easier to transport and to set up. We've even incorporated a brand new truss system that will raise and support the new sign at every show.

Here are a series of photos that show the many stages that the sign went through on its way to completion. This sign will make its debut this coming Saturday at our first show at the Cleveland House of Blues. Thanks to Joe for his determination and hard might even say his work is "outta this world".


MR.SPEED EXCLUSIVE! Stage Prop Sneak Peek
03.13.2017 |

Here's a sneak peek of one of the new stage props that we'll be unveiling very soon. The first show will be at the House of Blues in Cleveland on Saturday, March 25th. Get your tickets now! We'll be conducting one more ticket give-away via our Facebook page this coming weekend.

It's gonna be a rock 'n roll party!

MR.SPEED Exclusive! Cleveland House Of Blues Show Confirmed!
02.28.2017 |

Hey Rockers! As promised we are keeping all of you up to date with everything that's happening within the MR.SPEED camp. Today we confirmed our return visit to the Cleveland House Of Blues on Saturday, March 25th. We will be conducting some ticket give-aways on FB so message your friends now and make plans.

It's gonna be a rock 'n roll party...DON'T MISS IT!

MR.SPEED Exclusive! Rich, Joe, Jim and Quinton Sound Off
02.14.2017 |

We got together recently and got caught up with one another. We thought it might be cool to share some of the more common questions that we were asking each other with all of you. So here are 5 questions that we asked each other and what we all pretty much had to say...

1) What have you been up to?
Rich: I've been pretty busy working on a number of projects associated with the band. Those have included negotiating shows, creating new stage props, creating our new set list and marketing materials along with FB Live chats over the past 4 months. I've also been working very hard at recovering and rehabbing from total knee replacement on my right knee.
Joe: I have been preparing for the up coming tour with the construction of the new KISS logo, making improvements to my costume and having a new wig cut and shaped for a better overall appearance and working on an "Ace" 1979 light guitar.
Jim: I've been just relaxing doing the everyday thing.
Quinton: I've been gearing up for our soon to come shows and getting psyched to debut my passion and drive for not only KISS, but playing drums and performing in front of new crowds, venues and states! My prep work ensues setting up my drum kit to make sure everything is in working order and fine tuned, as well as playing my KISS kit and building my muscle memory, as it is set up how Peter played back in the 70's, and that is very different from how I personally prefer my own kit to be set up.
I also plan to buy some fresh make up and brushes and try on my costume to make sure there's nothing I need to fix on it, and then repack it in a more travel accommodating suitcase. Minor house keeping tasks, but crucial to making sure I'm good to go for this year!
2) Have you purchased a piece of KISS memorabilia recently?
Rich: I recently acquired an original 1978 Paul Stanley solo album tee shirt (that I may actually wear). I also recently completed my set of the four solo album songbooks.
Joe: A KISS superpack from 1978.
Jim: I haven't purchased any KISS memorabilia lately but been finding some in my storage.
Quinton: With my DAYS OF KISS APPAREL, I'm constantly hunting for KISS swag and I did recently purchase a new shirt. I also found a compilation of some of the 80's music videos KISS made. And lastly, my girlfriend bought me a copy of the original first KISS Marvel comic, which was cool to see the old ads and photos featured at a time where looking up photos was not at the public's fingertips!
3) Who are some of your favorite bands?
Rich: Other than KISS there are a few bands that I really draw inspiration from. Those include New England, Stryper, Journey, Rush, Lenny Kravitz, Peter Frampton and Heart. I also recently got turned on to a rock-funk band from the '70's called Mothers Finest.
Joe: (other than KISS)The Darkness, Marilyn Manson, NIN, Smashing Pumpkins and My Chemical Romance.
Jim: Fav bands are Judas Priest, Dokken, Ratt, Ted Nugent, Twisted Sister just to name a few...Many others but the list will be a bit longer.
Quinton: Other favorite bands include Alice Cooper, Motley Crue, Black Veil Brides, Dream Theater, Rush, and Avenged Sevenfold who are to be touring with Metallica this summer, which I'm excited to hopefully see as I have yet to see A7X live! I've also been getting into Ghost recently, so overall I'm a fan of theatrical rock bands, as well as melodically entertaining, and technically inclined shred bands. I like bands that are flashy in their music and their show.
4) Do you have a favorite memory from a recent MR.SPEED tour?
Rich: It's really tough for me to pick just one so I've got two. Rocking the Palace of Auburn Hills for the NBA Playoffs last April is the first. I also was very proud of our nearly sold-out performance at the House of Blues here in Cleveland in September.
Joe: Performing at the Palace of Auburn Hills when the Cleveland Cavaliers faced the Detroit Pistons during the NBA Playoffs. We performed in front of over 18,000 fans at that event
Jim: Fav Speed moment was playing at an NBA event.
Quinton: My favorite Mr. Speed memory or moment so far has been all of the positive reviews and support I've been receiving from the Mr. Speed Army!
5) What would you like to say to our fans?
Rich: I want to thank all of the vintage fans along with all of the brand new fans too. You have no idea what we go through to keep this band going but the fact that you keep coming out to see us, cheer us on and celebrate KISS with us is testimony to the power of music in our lives. Without you...we would be nothing, with you we can be anything.
Joe: Thanks for sticking with us all these years, It really means the world to me. Your support is what inspires me to learn new songs, make new stage props, and drive countless miles to bring the magic of Mr. Speed to you.
Jim: To all the fans... see you on the road and ohhhhh yeahhhhh!
Quinton: I'm ecstatic to be apart of this band and excited to play for the Mr. Speeders this year! I'm hoping to learn a lot from the business side and performance side of Mr. Speed, as well as make a lot of connections and friendships and fans that will help propel this entity to the next level as well as myself to the next level of success I'm looking to achieve.

MR.SPEED Exclusive! 5 Years Ago We Stood Alone
01.29.2017 |

It was 5 years ago today that MR.SPEED went up against KISS tributes from around the world. At the end of the day we stood at the top, due in large part to performing as a team. Time has proven that the more things change, the more they do not stay the same. As proud as we have been of that day and what we accomplished we have moved on. When we started we were fans and friends. Today we're still fans...that's what makes a great band. We've gone back to what we have always believed, we're KEEPING CLASSIC KISS ALIVE!

Rich, Joe, Jim & Quinton image

MR.SPEED Exclusive! Debut Of Our New Drummer In Columbus, Ohio At The OFMA
01.08.2017 |

While donning robes paying tribute to the 1978 KISS movie "KISS Meets The Phantom" we introduced Quinton Kufahl as our new drummer. We're excited to have Quinton in the band with his passion and excitement for MR.SPEED and everything that goes along with it.

We conducted a short FB Live intro with him and have seen a warm response to him from many of you that love what we do.

There are many more surprises coming your way and having a renewed energy in the band is just the beginning... image

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