Working with Mr. Speed on the National TV show The World's Greatest Tribute Bands was such a blast! These guys have perfected the KISS experience; from their precise mannerisms and perfect sound to their insanely detailed costumes and level 10 energy. Mr. Speed totally brings their A-Game to each and every show!

Katie Daryl,
AXS TV Host & Producer

I took my grandson to see your show tonight at the House of Blues in Cleveland. (He had his face painted like Gene.) Thank you to Jim and Rich for taking some time to pay the boy some attention, and thank you to Joe for giving him a pick.

You mentioned being KISS ambassadors during the show and I believe that lived up to that goal. The boy was a KISS fan before the show and I think you helped hook him for life.

I also appreciated the craftsmanship, musicianship and passion on display tonight. It's obvious that you all are fans yourselves and you funnel that into your performance. Your attention to detail is terrific - Joe's smoking guitar, Jim's blood spitting, Rich's stage banter and Quinton's blistering solo were just the icing on the cake.

Thanks for a great evening and the attention paid to my grandson. Mr. Speed earned at least two new fans tonight.

Mark Lempner
I just wanted to say, I've seen a lot of tribute acts, but I just started watching your stuff on you tube in the last 2 days. You guys are really, really, good. Ace, Gene and Paul and spot on and the guy playing Peter, with his druming like Eric Singer, makes this very enjoyable to watch, this coming from a fan since 1976 and 44 years old. Good job
Darrell Craft
Just wanted to say thank you! Have had a run of bad luck, lost my job,things really bad for me and my son, blah, blah, blah. Not complaining. On Sat. My 16 yr old son and I came to the amp in Warren, Ohio and saw you guys. I have to say I was swept away. You guys F***ing Rock. We had such a good time. Tribute band or not when you said the crowd wasn't acting wild enough I wanted to rush the stage, dance like a fool and act like a kid again! Only one problem with that, my son dying of embarrassment because his mom's almost 50 and acting his age. LOL Well, anyway I just wanted to thank you all for what you do! We were able to escape reality for one night and we haven't stopped talking about it since, you'd think we saw Kiss. Hope to see you again.

I saw you for the second time at the Medina County Fair last night. Your opening act was not that good, I'm afraid. Although I am sure they are wonderful musicians, they were "off." The guitarist in the faded red jeans was playing his heart out, and you can tell he loves what he does, but the group as a whole sounded too loose (and the singer was not having a very good day). Listening to a not-very-good band is very uncomfortable. Mr. Speed, however, is excellent. Kiss is not even one of my favorite bands, and I love seeing your show. You four are extremely talented and are obviously using the gifts God gave you - it shows. You sound and look impeccable. I am a divorced mom of three, and I had $28 dollars to my name before starting a new job next week. I treated myself to a night out at the fair with friends. Thank you for helping me have some fun. Your band is tight and you all should be very! proud of yourselves. I like you better than the real Kiss. It's harder to pretend to be someone else on stage. You guys really are phenomenal.
Lisa Lubrano
Hey guys! I'm Chase and I saw you guys for the second time yesterday at the Medina County Fair. I just wanted to tell you guys how amazing you all are and what you mean to me... You guys put on the ultimate KISS experience and I wanted to thank you for that.. You've changed so many lives.. Mine, my girlfriend's, and my mom's! I've always been a KISS fan but my mom and girlfriend were never KISS fans but after seeing you guys twice they have fallen in love with you.. I really appreciate the fact that not only do you put on a great show for the fans, but you guys are the nicest and most professional guys i have ever met. Meeting with the fans and signing stuff, taking pictures, that really meant a lot to me last night. Joe gave me one of his guitar picks because he liked the way my Ace Frehley makeup looked. Not only do you care about the music and putting on a great show, but you love and care ! for your fans and your fellow KISS fans. I'm 15 and have been a guitar player for 3 1/2 years and I aspire to be a musician.. But my dream is to be in a KISS tribute band just like you guys. I want to experience and know what it's like to put on that costume and makeup and go out there playing the songs i love. I wanted to say all this to you personally last night but i didn't want to hold up the line and get the other fans ticked off! Thank you for everything you do for me, my girlfriend, my mom, and all the other Mr. Speed and KISS fans out there. I love you guys, keep kicking ass!
Chase Franklin
Hey Rich: I seen you guys for the first time at the Medina Co. Fair. I like Kiss...Not a huge fan, but respect their music. I took my girlfriend who is your age..48 and I am 33. She is the type of chick that never get excited for anything. It was awesome to see her dance and sing all your songs. I was blown away by your entire performance. I also loved the shout out to the cancer patient. You guys really put on a awesome show and I just want to give you props. We will surely come out and see you guys soon. You have a created 2 new fans for sure. Thanks again and looking forward to see you guys again, Peace and Rock-n Roll.
Tell Andrew great Beth cover throwing it to the crowd.
Steve, Medina
"Mr. Speed has played our festival for several years to standing-room-only crowds. They are the only Saturday night act we have ever had that keeps the midway packed even after the fireworks are over. We are once again looking forward to their fun-filled and exciting "KISS" Tribute performance next year!"
Sam Hitchcock, Chairman

"Mr Speed put on a great show and the crowd loved them"
Dave Johnson, President
Geneva Grape Jamboree

Mr. Speed doesn't just take a lot of time to learn the songs but they also emulate the people that they are portraying. Mr. Speed is not just a "band" they are much more than a "band" they are an entertainment package.
Sharon Gill
Queen's Director, Carey Fest

After seeing Mr. Speed showcase at OF&EA I knew they were a great band but I resisted hiring them for 3 years because I didn't think our community would be receptive to their show. I felt we were a "Country" and "Oldies" community. However, when a number of our directors expressed their enthusiasm for Mr. Speed, we hired them. The result is they have drawn the largest crowd in our festival history two years running. Rich and Tina are super to work with during the booking and with the pre-event details. The entire band is made of up of great guys who are very professional and enthusiastic. My 80-year old parents act as their chauffeurs when they come to town and enjoy the guys immensely. They will give you a great performance!
Kevin Schemrich
President, Brunswick Old Fashioned Days

I have not heard ONE negative thing about the show. I have gotten many calls from people thanking me and telling me how much they appreciated that I had a hand bringing in "Mr. Speed," telling me how great you all are. Now Hornell has a little footnote in "Kisstory,"" so to speak!
Your show and production were top-notch. Your performance was flawless. I loved it all.
What more can I say, I simply loved it all! As much as I loved your performance, I have to say that I enjoyed hanging out with all of you prior to show. Not one of you demonstrated an attitude or ego. I really despise that mind-set in cover/tribute bands. Not you guys... You are all very down to earth people, and I am so glad that I got to spend some time talking to each and every one of you. You were all so accommodating. I'll wear my "Mr. Speed" shirts proudly!
You have certainly gained an entirely new fan-base.
Once again, thank you all so much. It was such a pleasant and exciting experience.
Dominic Gallicchio
Event Coordinator, Rock & Roar 2010

Mr. Speed may be "America's KISS Tribute," but for the people of Cadillac, Michigan it's more personal than that. With four performances in Cadillac over the past two years, including the sold out "Homecoming KISS" concert at Cadillac High School, Mr. Speed has been adopted as "Cadillac's KISS Tribute." The band loves Cadillac, but more to the point Cadillac loves the band. Not since KISS visited the city in 1975 has a band so captured the imagination and heart of every Cadillac rock and roll fan. Mr. Speed now has an esteemed position in our Cadillac KISStory. In 1975 and now in 2010, we wanted the best and we got the best - KISS and Mr. Speed.
Jim Neff - August 2010
The man behind KISS' historic visit to Cadillac, MI in 1975!

"MR.SPEED is one of the top KISS Tribute bands around and MOST definitely the easiest to work with! The guys are very professional and keep our events running smooth. It's always a pleasure working with MR.SPEED - for us and the fans!"
Keith LeRoux, Webmaster

"Having been one of the fortunates to see the pre-headlining KISS to the current legendary KISS, I think I'm qualified to say, that if you aren't one of the lucky ones to grab a KISS ticket on this upcoming tour, then check out MR.SPEED. They can fill that musical/visual void till the real guys come to your town."
Bill Starkey, Founder

"Let me tell you, MR.SPEED delivers the KISS experience like no other tribute band. Watching Ace Frehley perform "Shock Me" with MR.SPEED at the KISS Coffeehouse Anniversary Party was an awesome moment in KISSTORY. The guys and Ace pulled off this unrehearsed spectacle like a night from the '77 Love Gun Tour. When you want the best, you'll get the best with MR.SPEED!"
Brian Galvin, Owner
KISS Coffeehouse

"Mr.Speed is HANDS DOWN my favorite KISS tribute band! They really care about the audience they are rocking for in a very passionate, hard, & heavy way - quite reminiscent of the genuine article! In their own right, they are solid entertainers and very fine musicians who always bring 100% + to a stage. I personally love that they include in their sets terrific versions of songs the originators rarely perform live, such as classic tracks from 'The Elder'. It's also a sincere pleasure to meet and talk with the members of Mr.Speed, true gentlemen all!"
Louis Antonelli
Producer, Director
'Paul Stanley - Live To Win Live'

I just want to say that you ROCK!!! Thanks for making Summerfest and most importantly making my birthday so AWESOME!! You are the perfect warm up for when I go to the KISS concert on September 12! I just wanted to say thanks for your AWESOMENESS!! Forever a fan,
Megan Duderstadt
P.S, I hope you are back next year at Garrettsville Summerfest!

I just had to write to tell you that I was in the second row of your Wilmington show at the Murphy Theater on May 5th. AMAZING show! I realize you guys see so many people on your tour, but I was the girl in the second row that Rich (Paul Stanley)threw the guitar pick to at the end of the show and couldn't find it, and he was gracious enough to personally HAND it to me at the end :) Very cool moment. Anyway, we bought our tickets months ago and I'd been so excited waiting to see you, but any expectations I had of you were FAR exceded. We were absolutely FLOORED. Every dance move, every phrase, every chord...exactly how KISS would do it. Thing is, I can't imagine KISS being able to do it any better. Seeing your band made me go out and but another KISS cd and made my husband dig out his old cds. We jammed to KISS all the way to the Reds game the other night! I work in a dental office here in Wilmington and have talked you guys up to so many people, and my husband and I haven't stopped talking about you either. We honestly enjoyed it more than any concert big or small we've been to. I told the sound guy at the Murphy as I was leaving you were the best act they've ever had :) We've even commented so many times too on never once hearing one mistake, and how you sound so identical to the band it's scary! Anyway, definitly a night I'll never forget, you guys should be so proud of what you have going on, keep it up, and we've said over and over we will definitly make a point of seeing you guys periodically, even if we have to come to Cleveland just to do it. I'll definitly keep up on your website, your blogs and updates are top-notch. One suggestion, make your own cds! Thanks so much for an awesome night. One last thing, I never gush like this or give credit where it's not due, I feel it takes a lot to impress me, YOUR BAND IS KILLER. (And I promise I'm not the crazy woman that kept screaming and shouting Hard Luck Woman, she was unfortunately 3 rows right behind me!)
Angel Martin
Hello,I'm a die hard Kiss fan of 32 years. I was at the Las Vegas show at the Hard Rock. I was standing in front wearing the black hat. When I came to the show I wasn't expecting to become a fan or even become excited about a Kiss tribute band since I have never seen one before that show. But after seeing you guys on stage and listening to the great sound and energy/attitude you four presented on stage, I have become an instant fan of MR.SPEED! That night I wished you guys could have performed for at least an hour and a half. I would have sang along to every tune. Even though the event was free knowing what I know now I would have gladly paid at least $100.00 for the privelidge to watch Mr.Speed live. You're worth every cent and the drive. Your Paul stanley is on point with the vocals and raps in between songs. And I didn't know Peter criss had a twin? Your Ace Frehley is perfect with his Love Gun era stage presence. I know he wasn't wearing the Love Gun outfit. And your Gene has the bad ass attitude and does great facial expressions. You had something the other bands didn't have and that was the true/real essence of Kiss. The other bands were great but you were awesome. You can't fake what you four have, and believe me you have it. I got to meet my first Kiss member that night, Tommy. And I also got to meet the band that will hopefully take over the Kiss tours when Kiss officially hangs up their boots. My question is when are you coming back to Las Vegas?
Carlos Lee
Hey guys...I was at the Sly Fox show the other night. It was my 2nd time seeing Mr. Speed, and simply amazing, to say the least. 2 of my friends and I traveled down from Buffalo, NY, just to see your band play. I also watched your entire Fox 8 news cast on my phone while in Buffalo, and at work. Rich will probably remember, I was the guy at the Sly Fox in the front requesting "The Oath" and "Goodbye". I just want to let you guys know that Mr. Speed has quickly become my favorite band, and oddly enough, I like you more than KISS. You guys are seriously top of the line performers and I plan on seeing you again very soon, whether you guys travel to Buffalo again this summer (please), or if I gotta take another well worth it 4 hour drive.
Thank you guys.
John Keith, Buffalo, NY
Just wanted to say I saw you guys last weekend and you were fantastic. I've seen KISS in concert and you guys are spot on. In fact, you guys play more KISS than KISS does, it's sweet hearing some of those great songs you don't hear often, if at all. Keep rockin!
Michael Lorusso
It was an extreme pleasure to not only see you perform Sat. night but also to finally meet all of you and find out that you are all so much like myself, Humble and Thankful for what we have and honored for the chance to play on a stage while people in the crowd show their appreciation for what you are doing... It's a BEAUTIFUL thing!! Thank you so much for bringing the KISS experience home for me and the Girls..... and by "Home" I don't mean to Buffalo... I mean to my heart!! You made me see & Feel the pleasure that I've been passing on to others all these years with the KISS experience. All of you are Incredible people and my hat comes off to all of you! I meant what I said the other night, "You truly deserve all that you've achieved"... an so much more!! Thank you Guys!!
Moe Marchiano, KISS Tribute Band "Strutter"
Caught the Obetz, Ohio show. Awesome! First time I have seen Mr. Speed. Been a KISS fan since the 70's. I'm turning 50 this year and you guys brought back many great KISS memories. I've seen KISS live in concert and you guys really put on a perfect tribute show. Musically it was perfect...keep on rocking all night and partying every day!
Dan Howard
Mr. Speed you guys rock! As a musician I am the one in the crowd being a skeptic. Being a Kiss fan for over 30 years I am also very skeptical when it comes to Kiss Tributes. As my wife and friends watched the show I was like, OK this guy has Paul down then, Ok this guy has Gene down then Ace and then Peter and I was floored! Every aspect of the show, costumes, make-up, stage props, instruments you name it it was there and very evident to everyone especially myself that Mr Speed is the real deal. I will be at future shows you can bet on that! If anyone wants to see a professional Kiss Tribute then Mr Speed is for you. Thank you all for being true to each personality and keep rockin'! See you out there...Mr Speed fan for life!!
Johnny Parden
WOW!! saw you guys in North Tonawanda at gateway harbor last night. It was amazing!!! My first ever concert was KISS when I was 15 years old. Seeing you guys perform was like being transported back in time. Thanks for an AWESOME show!
Sheri Johnson
WOW, WOW, and WOW!
That's the first thing that comes to mind after seeing Mr. Speed for the first time at the Obetz Zucchinifest on 8/26/11. I first seen KISS in 1979 during the Dynasty era and five additional times through the years and seeing Mr. Speed really took me back. In fact, I talked to one guy that thought he was actually watching KISS and overheard another man in front of me asking the person next to him if this was the real KISS or not. That's how absolutely amazing Mr. Speed is live and in the flesh. If you want to see the best pound for pound KISS tribute ever, then go see Mr. Speed! I cannot believe I seen these guys for FREE! Not only does Mr. Speed have the look, the sound, and the show but they're a bunch of classy guys as well. They even took the time out of their busy schedule this weekend to take some pictures and talk with fans. I will definitely be telling all of my friends and family about this cool experience and will be attending future Mr. Speed shows. To Mr. Speed personally, I would like to say thank you! I'm a 41 year old hardcore KISS fan and now I'm proud to say I'm a 41 year old hardcore Mr. Speed fan!
Daniel Gibson, Columbus, Ohio
Mr. Speed fan for life!

First off let me say I have been a huge kiss fan since 75. I have seen them around 20 times. What I experienced in Obetz Ohio was very unexpected to me. Mr. Speed is amazing!! If I would have closed my eyes I would have never known they were not the real thing. Fantastic!! My family had a great time as did the rest of the crowd. It is great that you guys put the effort into your show to make every part of your show authentic. I would recommend that anyone who wanted to see kiss but for some reason never did to get off their ass and catch one of your shows. I am looking forward to seeing you again. The only thing I would change is drop Shandi and play something like rocket ride or plaster caster. It's not that you didn't play it spot on, it's a little slow compared to the rest of the show. Keep on rocking and thanks again for the memories.
Troy Falter
IM A HUGGGEEE FANNNNNNN !!!!!!!! you guys are a great band. I've allways been a big fan of KISS but i've never seen them live in concert. Today I watched you guys at the BROADWAY BASH it blew my mindd. YOU GUYS ARE AMAZINGGGG !!!!!!!!!!.
just got back from your middletown show.i was skeptical and wanted to be you were dead on the vocals i was floored.myself being in a band who plays clubs i know how tough it is to sound like other bands. you were dead nuts,the look is another thing,dead on man. i wanted to say thanks for letting me and my mom get a quick picture of us with u at the table right after the show.i know it was hot so thank you again for taking the time because there were a ton of others waiting. you guys are great . god bless!
brian norman
I would just like to say what a great group of men you have in this band. What a class act!!! Not only is the show and music fantastic,but when my five year old daughter,Camdynn, met the band July 1,2011 in New Philadelphia,Ohio was I impressed!!!! The kindness and overall appreciation you have for your fans just blew me away!! You all made a very lasting impression on Camdynn. She is still talking about you to this day. She got her picture taken with all of you and had Rich sign her hand.(Talk about being on cloud nine!!) We had a great time and she's penciled us in to see you next year.(if not sooner)
Thanks so much!!!!!!!
Heather Cottrell
Let me first start this message by saying you guys are the best KISS tribute band I've seen. I mean, you have all the music and antics down to an exact science. But the reason I am messaging you is a question. How did you guys do it? How did you manage to find 4 guys that all love KISS music enough to dress up and BE KISS. I live in Buffalo New York. My dream is to be in a KISS tribute band. But it's tough for me because I don't have the backing I'm looking for. I've been playing straight Ace Frehley and KISS for months now, and its just not going anywhere. I'm almost definite that I want to do this, for a band that I can play with and play gigs with. But when I don't get the understanding from the people I expect, I go online and look up you guys performing Shock Me or Shout It Out Loud and it gives me inspiration to keep practicing and getting the solos as perfectly as I can get them. I thank you gentleman for being people I can look up to and I hope to see you guys bringing the leather and hairspray to Buffalo.
Thanks for all the help,
Chris Hehr
I took my 6-year-old nephew to see you guys in Clarksville, Tennessee. He has heard so much about Kiss from his Dad over the years and you did not disappoint. You were very kind to let your fans take pictures with you. Thank you very much for putting a smile on my nephew's face.
Sandra Green
I just wanted to thank those of you in the band and each of those those that support you and your show. I recently took my wife, and 13 and 5 year old sons to the KISS Expo in Indy, and we were each able to see your show up close and think that you guys are awesome. I appreciate the fact that you guys each took the time with my kids for pictures and conversation. This made their day, and greatly helped to fuel their love for music and great showmanship. You guys were truly impressive and the opportunity for myself, my wife and kids to see you up close and personal, was really a nice experience. We drove for 3 hours to be at the Expo and you guys and your crew really made it worth while, by sounding great and giving a big time show. I want you to know that I very much appreciate your talent and the time that you take to give folks the up close and personal experience that you gave my family at the Indianapolis KISS Expo. Thanks again, and you made long time fans! of a family from southern Indiana, by taking the time to show my 2 boys what ROCK is all about. Thanks Again, and we will be looking for your upcoming performances.
Dane Dennis
Hi guys, just wanted to thank you for what you do! I have seen you a few times at the Indy Expo's and you guys really bring the rock and help keep KISS "Alive!" and well! Amazing show this past weekend, really enjoyed it and my wife got to see you for the first time, and cool for her after her seeing KISS for the first time this summer at the State Fairgrounds show. I am 44 and have been a huge KISS fan since I was 10, so to see someone keeping the tradition and mystic alive makes me feel great. That is why I wanted to thank you. You do a wonderful job at what you do and I say keep it up guys and rock on!
Steve from Indy
I don`t want sound like a broken record, but the performance at the Expo was nothing short of Spectacular. I believe it was the best you have sounded. It was so tight & the addition of Danny was the final peg. With my eyes closed, God of Thunder was so real, I had to open my eyes to realize where I was. Your live audio & laser precision characterization of the band is by far the best in the world. People don`t appreciate the raw talent & dedication it takes to perfect your show. If time would have been different & Mr.Speed would have surfaced in 1970, with the original KISS idea, history would have been rewritten?
Just wanted to thank you guys for a great Kiss expo. Especially want to thank you for the Mr. Speed T-shirt that you gave to my son. Thanks for not kicking him off of the stage. Thanks for finding me Rich. Joe, you made his day twice. First by doing an awesome job painting his face as Gene and second by giving him a guitar pick during the show. He is 6 years old and has autism. To him you guys are the real KISS and he hasn't stopped talking about the show yet. Hope to catch you guys playing again. YOU ROCK!!!!!!!
Mike Abernathy
We were lucky enough to be at the concert last night at the Civic...great concert and we had a great time!!! The last time I saw you was in 1999 at Mr. Fun's Midnight Madness with my daughter Lisa are so impressive!!
Becky Wise
Hey Mr. Speed,
A.K.A. Joe, Andrew, Rob, & Rich.
Even though Rich's voice would not cooperate you guys still put on a FANtastic show Saturday night. It was apparent the passion and commitment and hard work that goes into a Mr. Speed show. I had a blast and will enjoy making your D.V.D. as it is a passion and love of the band, both Mr. Speed & the awesome KISS. I hope Rich is feeling much better soon. When you said it was breaking your heart not to play Pauls songs, everyone could tell it was true, you almost moved me to tears. But this just solidified that this is a true band effort as you all four pulled together and pulled off a GREAT show, and all I can say as a fan, THANX !!!
Mr. Speed rocks !!!
See you soon,
Harvey Klooz
It was an honor and a pleasure to see you last night. I have seen KISS over 30 times in my 42 years and last night was my 10 year old daughter Madison.."first KISS"
You may remember us...I was GENE in costume and she was dressed as Peter.
From one KISS Fan to another 4......Rock and Roll All Nite and Party Every Day
Yours truly,
As a witness to the rock 'n' roll spectacle that is Mr. Speed, I can personally say that these guys are the best Kiss tribute known to man! If you can't go see Gene, Paul, Tommy, and Eric at a concert venue near you, do yourself a favor and go see Rich, Joe, Andrew, and Rob....they satisfy your Kiss needs!
The attention to detail is remarkable! From the rhinestone studded costumes, to the note-for-note renditions of all your favorite Kiss tunes...these guys make you want to "Shout It Out Loud" and stand up for what you believe in: the spirit of rock and roll!
I haven't had the opportunity to see KISS in all their concert glory, but the night I saw Mr. Speed was monumental. It was as if I was sitting in front of my television watching Largo 1977 from Kissology; it was THAT good! If I don't ever get to see "The Hottest Band In The World" in person, at least I can say that I saw Mr. Speed..................and it doesnt get much better than that! Thank you Mr. Speed for giving me a night I won't soon forget.
Kameron Duty
Rich, Andrew, Rob, & Joe: I attended the Brunswick OFD show yesterday. Your music, stage presence, professionalism, and! You guys ROCK! The addition of the fireworks behind you was as cool as all the heat and flames of the 'normal' show, but truly a different look for any outdoor show I've seen.
Rich, we spoke last night after the show. My daughter Keri brought me to you, as she was so appreciative of the bands positive attention, kind words, and guidance towards her goals. You guys signed her sundress, and she was so happy. You might recall my comment about my personal music, and how it's about the music, and entertaining people, that keeps me focused. Well, you guys hit the marks last night. My sister was the woman in black, front of Rob, with her walker. I haven't seen my sister up on her feet like that in 7 months-she nearly died 3 times in those months. Your performance last night brought us back to our childhood listening to our vinyl records together. Add to this, my daughter showing appreciation for music I grew up on, and the smiles I seen in the crowd, and even with the rain, it was a great memory-making night! Thank you all, band and crew!
Darrell Russell
Hi. I saw your show at lock 3 friday and you guys rock. It was my first time seeing you guys. I have been a KISS fan since 1977 and you sound just as good as the real thing. I will be at the KISS show at blossom in september hope to see you there. Keep on rockin! JoJ
Joe Bobbitt
Mr Speed - You guys were fantastic at the Indy KISS expo yesterday 3/21. I have seen other KISS tribute bands but you guys were without a doubt the best (musically as well as visually)! My son and I had a great time at the expo and seeing you guys was the best part! It was truly like being in the front at a KISS show. You guys were fantastic with all the kids and adults alike. We were lucky enough to meet Joe and Rob and both posed for pictures and were just wonderful. My son PJ filmed the show from right up front and you guys were having a ton of fun hamming it up for him. Joe thank you for giving him a pick and an autograph ... you really made his day. Mine too! Can't wait to see you guys again and neither can my son PJ.
Dave Crabtree
Caught your show at Sly Fox this past weekend and wanted to let you know I think its great that you add different songs to your set list (Modern Day Delilah, Rock Soldiers, War Machine, etc.). I'm sure it keeps things fresh for you guys as well as the audience. Well Done!
Steve Bruno
Rich, Rob, Joe and Andrew,
Thank you so much for the amazing performance at the Defiance Optimist Halloween party Saturday night. The song selection, stage performance, and the entire experience were incredible. I had Great Expectations and you guys did not disappoint. I know you are on your way to adding Defiance to the Mr. Speed ARMY. Thanks again for a great show,
Denny Rose
I want to thank you guys for your performance in Cadillac, Michigan on September 26, 2009! I have never been fortunate enough to see Kiss live. You guys ROCKED the house!!! I will definately come see you again if you are in my area. My daughter-in-law was given a drumstick and she was in heaven. Thanks again for doing what you do and it was great to be at what is surely going to be a big part of the history of Cadillac, Michigan. Keep on rockin guys!
Molly Eling
I took my three daughters to see you at the Holmes County Fair,they know who Kiss is and they watch my DVDs and listen to my CDs and know I'm a Kiss nut but they've never been to a concert of any kind. They were on top of the world when they seen you. Rich & Joe both handed them picks and they loved it! They keep asking me when they can go see you again. So I keep checking your site for a kid friendly atmosphere,we can't wait to see you again. Your a class act just like Kiss and the show was great! Thanks Again!!!
Tim Brookover
What more could be said? Awesome!!! For those of you there, that were not members of the KISS Army, I'm sure you are now. Mr Speed....Your stage presence, your personalities and your true desire to entertain was evident that night. The second generation KISS army were in the front row as they rocked along with the adults. Keep up your fantastic work, and God Bless all of you.
Hey guys, while not being the biggest KISS fan, I sincerely appreciated your awesome performance at Rally in Alley, Medina last night. I've been to many shows at that Venue, but I must tell you that there were easily 4-5x the usual crowd, with the exception of ZoSo. You guys were magnificent. I am truly amazed at how you were able to nail-down many of the subtle little musical nuances that most listeners don't hear, but only appreciate as a band that just sounds good. You were VERY Compelling, very good stage presence and of course very humble in your musical display which I think everyone appreciated. We just might come to see you again tonight in Willard, but I just wanted to tell you that I wish you guys all the luck in the world. You are a very good band.
Rich, I attended your concert at the Ritz Theater on Friday July, 10th. I thought you and your crew did a fabulous job and your professionalism was wonderful. Thanks again for a great night here in Tiffin Ohio!
Cristy Biller
Just witnessed your show at the Ritz in Tiffin (Ohio). Had to contact you to (personally) Thank You (!) for doing an outstanding show and an excellent job. The post-show meet-n-greet afterwards was the icing on the cake (elements of a "class act"). My son and I really appreciated your hospitality (especially bugging your new drummer so much, sorry). Please keep up the good work, and please, please, please return to Tiffin (to HEADLINE)!!
Thank You Very Much!!!
Take Care and Good Luck!
Brian (and Jacob) McQuistion
I saw you guys at the Wing House this past weekend, and I just wanted to say that you're amazing! I had a very bad experience with a Pink Floyd tribute band, and vowed I'd never see one again. Kiss was my favorite band growing up, and my buddy asked if I wanted to see a Kiss tribute band at the Wing House this past weekend. I told him my feelings on the matter, but decided to go just for the beer and wings if nothing else.
Let me just say that Mr. Speed has changed my outlook. That was one of the best times I've had at a live show in years. Your music and mannerisms are all spot on. It felt like I had gone back to 1976 and seen the original thing as it happened. I will go as far to say that you're musically better than Kiss is today.
Unfortunately, we hadn't originally planned on staying very long so the wives had us on a curfew, but we're already set to spend a full night at your Mentor show in September.
Thanks for the memories, and keep up the good work.
PS: As you mentioned at the show, you might want to make this drummer your last, because he kicked ass.
PSS: I was able to figure out the full Paul Stanley live intro to Black Diamond by watching you do it at the show, so thanks for that too!
Jim Thompson
Saw you guys for the first time Sat. at Jimmy's in Mentor and the only word I can think of to sum up your show is....AMAZING!! I've seen other tribute bands that were pretty good but you guys take it to a whole other level. You guys looked & sounded incredible!!! I stood there bug eyed for 2 hours! I haven't experienced quite a feeling like that since I saw KISS on their Reunion Tour in '96. I had to keep reminding myself that you guys weren't the real KISS. You capture the spirit & energy of what KISS is all about-maybe even more so than the actual band! Hope you play Jimmy's again SOON. Thank you guys for all your hard work to be hands down THE HOTTEST KISS TRIBUTE IN THE LAND!!! See ya May 2nd!
We came from Iowa to the Kiss Expo and we also saw you at the Cleveland march on the Hall of Fame, you guys are fantastic!! My husband and I are so glad that we made the trip to Indianapolis, it was totally worth it to hear your band! Thanks so much, Lyn
Lyn Pickett from Marshalltown, IA
"I can't express the words to tell you 'bout the feelings i've got".... WATCHING YOUR SITE!!!!Hi Mr. Speed,i'm from Holland, so there's a very big chance i might NEVER see you SPEEDers live. So i'm telling you now: Watching sites as professional as this one, seeing KISS fans as dedicated as you guys, makes me DAMN proud to be a KISS fan. I've NEVER seen a more realistic KISS tribute than yours, You guys look SO like KISS, it's SCARY!!!!Gene wants to create a new KISS?? Why?? WE HAVE YOU ALREADY!! Good luck,Speedsters, and take care. You guys f*ing Rock!!
Geert from Holland
Hi and greetings from the UK. Have just seen the pictures on the KISS website and just wanted to say how great you guys look. I'm sure you've been told before but it's almost like looking at the real thing! I imagine the sound is as good as the look. Hopefully if I ever get to the US or you ever get to Europe I'll find out! Until then, keep KISSing! Cheers, Gary
Gary Bartliff from the UK
I was born into the KISS army. When I was 8, I was taken to my first live show. It was KISS on the "Lick It Up" tour. Ever since then I have been a massive KISS fan. I have seen them live twenty some times. Now that the real thing is gone I thought I would never get "THAT" feeling again. However I saw Mr. Speed perform tonight at "The Sly Fox" and for the fist time in a long while I felt KISS again. During their version of "2000 Man" I got chills. The hair on my arms stood up. Now I have seen many KISS tribute bands, but "Mr. Speed" is by far the closest to the real thing you can get. Mr. Speed, you have a life long fan now.
Mark Zak from Lakewood, Ohio
Hey guys, My name is Rich Hattery from Alliance, OH. My fiance, Angie, is celebrating her 40th birthday this Fri, 2/27. I asked her what she wanted to do for her b-day weekend...I offered to take her to Niagra Falls, a bed and breakfast somewhere, any weekend get-away she wanted basically. To my surprise she said, "Let's go spend the night in Cleveland and see Mr. Speed!" Of course, that is cool with me since I'm a HUGE KISS that's what we're doing! Anyway, we've seen you guys probably 6 or more times (including a long time ago at Mangos in Alliance...I was screaming for "Watchin You")...and since she chose to spend her 40th b-day seeing Mr. Speed I wondered if you could maybe sing "Happy Birthday" to her or something. Once again, her name is Angie, and we will be at the Sly Fox this Saturday night! Take care,
Rich Hattery from Alliance, Ohio
T, I didn't get a chance to see you on Friday and thank you for everything you guys did for our company party. It was by far the best party we've had in 9 years! You guys did an amazing job and everyone is still talking about it' Please let Rich know how much I appreciate everything. You guys rock!
Mike Lovell, President, Consumers Mortgage Corp.
Hi Guys...My name is Kris - my brother owns the Sly Fox. I wanted to come see you last night but, because of a family situation, I couldn't go. I made my husband go and I cannot tell you how impressed he was! He is the ultimate Kiss fan and could not stop talking about how awesome you guys rocked. He called me when you played my favorite song, I love it loud, and wow! Awesome...anyway, for what it's worth, we'll be coming out to see you guys again! Thanks for making my husband's year! LOL....
Kristina Marchionna from Strongsville, Ohio
I've seen a few KISS Tribute Bands, but you guys were by far the best that I have seen. I caught up with you guys at Rally on the River in Ironton, Oh. I've been an avid KISS fan for many years... You guys are the best... Keep up the good work... We LOVED the show... TNX!
Vance Conley from Ashland, Kentucky
YOU GUYS ROCK! I have been a Kiss fan since the beginning and now I'm a Mr. Speed fan since October of 2006 when I saw you guys the first time. Thanks for keeping the classic Kiss sounds alive and sounding better than ever! I was at the Warthog/Quaker Steak show. You guys put on a great show. I know the heat had to be rough to take but you deserve a pat on the back for the way you treat your fans. Staying after for photos and to sign autographs...well that is just awesome!!! It meant a lot to me that you took the time to thank the armed forces past and present. My dad was in WW2 and he just recently passed away. He earned 2 purple hearts and 2 silver stars. He was my hero! I met with you all after the show and had a picture taken. I am the big bald football coach that plays Kiss in the locker room before our high school games to get the young men fired up! They all are new Kiss fans now. After the season I hope to bring as many as I can to see you in concert. The picture I had taken with you guys will be hanging in my office right next to the locker room. I told the team I would get a picture to go with the music. I know you all have day jobs and it must be a lot of hard work to put on a show after a long day at work. You guys are the best! From your music to how you treat the fans. KEEP UP THE GREAT SHOWS! THANKS FOR ALL YOUR EFFORT AND HARD WORK!
Coach Jim Smith from Rittman,Ohio
Having been a Kiss fan for the past 31 years, I wasn't sure what to expect the first time I saw Mr.Speed at the Cleveland Kiss Expo in 2007, not only did you exceed my expectations with your look and sound, but also by how gracious you were to all your fans especially the kids. I took my 10 year old nephew with me to that show and also to the 2008 expo, Lock 3, the Avon festival, the Columbia Station festival and this week we'll be in New Philadelphia. The reason is simple, we have a great time at your shows, it's obvious the effort that you all put into it. I want to thank you for giving the fans the attention that you do, I know the guitar picks, drumsticks etc. my nephew has gotten has made him feel very special, and even though we have never actually introduced ourselves to you, each time we go to a show Joe recognizes my nephew, because he got his face painted by Joe at the 2008 expo, and he always says hello to "the kid from the Kiss expo". Thanks for all your hard work and dedication.
Paula & Devan from Berea,Ohio
I wanted the best...and I got the best. Guys I can't find words to even come close to describing how much I appreciate all the hard work and effort that you put in to putting on a GREAT show.THANK YOU! I'm a father of three daughters who grew up to dad listening to Kiss. And they have experienced what it was like to see and what it means to be a Kiss fan. THANK YOU! I saw your first show at the Sly Fox. I went into it thinking " they look like them" I WAS ABSOLUTELY AMAZED AT HOW YOU SOUNDED. I was overwelmed and blown away. And all the lil' quirks and stage have them down perfectly. I was extremely touched to see you go out of your way as far as to hand a pick to any toddler you saw at the Columbia Station show. Any Kiss fan that is reading this MR.SPEED is a MUST SEE! I don't care how much the gas prices have gone up it's worth the drive where ever they are playing. They give you 110 percent and the professionalism is unprecidented. Thank you Rich, Rob, Joe and Criss! Looking forward to seeing you in NEW PHILLY!
John in Akron,Ohio
I just wanted to stop by and say that we all had an awesome time Saturday night at the Columbia Station festival. MR.SPEED is by far the most awesome tribute band around. All of the time and effort you put into getting ready for your shows is greatly appreciated by us your fans. I have seen first hand how you all pull together (including your awesome wives) as one to give us the KISS experience. We wish you all the best and will see you soon!! Take Care.
Lisa B. from Celina, Ohio
I was at the Columbia Homecoming show and was blown away. It may sound odd but watching Mr. Speed jam away 5 feet in front of me was more exciting than seeing the real deal from the rafters at a huge arena. Thanks for bringing KISS to Lorain County!
Steve from Elyria, Ohio
First off, a thank you for making our trip to the Avon Duct Tape Festival a good one. We made the 45 minute drive with 4 small kids who couldn't wait to see KISS. They knew the songs, the members of the band, and were so excited. The weather was a concern - but you guys rocked the place for what seemed to be almost 2 hours. The amount of attention you gave the crowd, especially the littlest fans, was absolutely wonderful. The guitar picks, the drum sticks, the photo opportunities - all was greatly appreciated. Coming from my brother and I who have seen the real KISS several times - we enjoyed your show just the same. And to see our kids rock right in front of the stage to you and your awesome music...that's priceless. We hope to see you again. Keep winning the fans - and showing us everything you got!!!
Matt Bova in Ohio
THANK YOU, for an awesome show at the Avon Duct Tape Festival!!! I am just filled with appreciation that the show went on despite the weather and a full 150% was given to the waterlogged fans. Again, thank you for giving us an incredible experience!
Mike Trunko in Ohio - KISS ARMY MEMBER since age 7, MR.SPEED FAN as of 06/13/08

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