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Here we are celebrating 30 years as a Tribute to KISS. We couldn't have done it without you! Most bands don't last 30 days let alone 30 years and most won't know what it's like to have their passion reach fans around the world. Thanks to You we know exactly how that feels.

Paul Stanley told me personally that "you're the connection between us and the fans." That statement is something that we take very seriously. KISS lives on in each one of us and together we can move mountains.

Let's celebrate our KISS fandom together because we are the one true KISS Army. MR.SPEED and KISS fans around the world celebrate as one... it's pure MAGIC!

With the utmost respect we thank KISS. For creating something that gave us a purpose as individuals and for allowing us to share it with others as a KISS Tribute Band and in some small way acknowledging that our imitation is meant from the heart and that we're honored to stand in their shadow.


Rich, Mark, Rich and Shane